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Sorry about the long wait between posts, but I just had a lot going on. I went on a journey in computer building and if you would like me to talk about that experience please leave a comment. If not please mention what you would like me or Martin to write about. Thank you guys for your patience we all appreciate you guys and what you have done for us.

What is the Raspberry Pi? How do you use the Raspberry Pi?

For those of you still in the family(the followers of the blog including myself) I am going to start a sir section on a Linux computer called the raspberry pi. This computer is $35 and all you need to set it up is a keyboard/mouse, a monitor, a micro sd card, and a computer to write the operating system on it. I recommend wireless module edimax makes a cheap 802.11n module you can get on Amazon. Cases for the computer are optional, but recommend yet again Amazon makes cheap ones that will do the job.

For those of you who care, the website has all the images on it on the download page for a computer. I recommend Ubuntu Mate, but for a programming line that has a lot of versatility, I would recommend using raspbian. Other operating systems include XBMC(now called Kodi), and a custom OS called RISC OS. I recommend all of these, but as I had stated before, I do feel that Raspbian and Ubuntu Mate are the best.

To burn the images on a micro Sd card
You can do it on Windows, Linux, and Mac but we don’t like Mac here at the blog so for length purposes I will only elaborate how to do it on Windows.

*While I support Mac I totally recommend Linux and Windows as a home desktop.

This will burn an image on Windows

1. install Win32 disk imager and Sd formater
Win32 disk imager
SD formatter

2. Download an image or two in the background while you do the rest of the steps
Where to get the images you ask.
Right here:

3. Plug in your micro sd card into your computer In one way or another and open the Sd formatter and select your card. Click format size adjustment and then click quick format then click one of the other formatting ways

4. Once the drive has finished sed formatting, let your image download then unzip it and drag the image file to the desktop. Open Win32 disk imager, select you micro sd card and click the folder icon tap desktop and tap your image file. Tap write and the image will start to write the image on the card. *This may take a while so be patient same with the formatting portion in step 3.

5. Once the image has stopped burning. Plug the micro sad card into the raspberry pi and plug in the Ethernet, HDMI, and the keyboard/mouse. Plug in the power and the pi should start to boot.
*If you don’t have a long enough Ethernet cable then plug in a wifi module and I will get to that later

6. If using Ubuntu Mate make or sign into a valid account and fill in all the columns. Once on the desktop, click the wifi icon, click on your network and sign into it.

7. Open the Linux command line in Ubuntu Mate and type in

sudo apt-get install update-manager-core
Once that is done, run the next command to fully update your current OS to the next highest version:

sudo do-release-upgrade

This will make your raspberry pi up to the newest operating system and you should be set to go on your journey with the raspberry pi.

Good wishes and good luck from the blogging tech team. Thank you for spending your time with us.
I check the comments often so leave what every you u like and I may get back to you.

Big Website Update!

I am here to inform you that this website is now under a new co-ownership. Between  Martin and I, this would not change much with the website, but now I will try to post a new blog post once a week to bring some consistency to the site. We will not be following up with the ham radio topic, but I will try to start a new topic based on the Raspberry Pi, a small versatile Linux based computer. You can start to visit them on this website has a great blog based on the product and if you have any questions I will try to get back to you on the comments.

Ham radio build, becoming an operator.


Blogging tech is going to have a mini-series, and turn away from it’s general focus on operating systems. Ham radio is a way for citizens to become radio operators without being in an armed force. In a few weeks, there will be a start up tour on the technology side of things, mostly building your “shack” where your radio is. But, to get on air, you must have a liscence. There are two fees. Sort of. The first fee is the testing fee this is ususally about $20. This is breaking a bloggingtech rule, but it is rather cheap. Also, some clubs offer free tests. The second fee is optianol. WHen you past your test, you will be assaigned a call sign, your name on air. If you wish, for some money, you can customise it.

Anyway, for becoming liscensed, I reccommend you look at these free lessons. I have not creating them, and take no credit for them. Look out for the shack building episode!

How to reserve Windows 10, and a description of it.

Windows 10 adds two new basic things that the average consumer would care about. Not that this article, unlike most of my others, is targeted at the unexperienced user.


The first new feature is the start menu. A start screen is still available, just not by default


The second is microsoft edge. Formerlly called project Spartan, it is a new, faster version of internet explorer. For more, see Microsoft’s official video on their site.


To reserve a free copy is easy. On windows 8, go to the right end of the taskbar and click on the windows logo



then click reserver your free copy and your done. You will be able to upgrade next month

Android x86

Are you an android user? Or maybe an apple user? If you use apple… just get out of this article. This guide is about running android on a computer (if you are an apple user still reading, it does not work on mac, although there are ways to make it work)

The firsts step is to download the iso file by clicking here and selecting View on the newest version. Then wait for the download to complete.

The second step is to “burn” the iso to a flash drive. Note that this is not necessary for installing to a virtual machine… more on that later. So, download uui, unless you already have it. Download



No installation is needed. Simply run UUI and accept the security warning.

Click I agree on the next screen. Then, fill out the boxes as shown below.

apture 2

Click create, and wait for the process to complete.

Then boot from the usb. To do this see any installation article, such as this one.

However, when greated with the below screen, select the first option. An installation article will come out tommorow.


Then simply wait  few moments. It may seem as if you must type something, or that something has gone wrong, simply wait after a while, the below will


How to become a web developer

A web developer is a programmer that either creates web sites or makes web applications (flash, java etc). If you want to create a web site, you either hire a web developer, code it yourself, or use some kind of builder (yola, wix wordpress, godaddy builder, etc.)


One cool site (free, although it does have a premium mode) is called codeacademy. This is wher I learned html and ruby on rails. Check it out here

They also have lots of other languages. If you want to become a programmer, this is a great place to start. The way it works is that half the screen is a coding prompt, and the other half is your output. It shows you an example and then assigns tasks for you to do on your own. It’s great!

There is a really cool free site called code academy (remember that I never recommend sog that wo

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