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Quiet Update

Yes, we here at BloggingTech understand that this website has experienced a long hiatus. While it wasn’t something purposeful, it was something that slowely came about over time and well, it happened. Either way, we’re writing to say that in the coming year, we will be sporadically using the website as major things rise in the technologial field and it will be a bit more of a tech news site than its previous walkthrough nature. Some examples of what is coming in the following months is the launch of PCIE 4.0 an DDR5. To reiterate though, we won’t have a steady posting schedule, but we’ll try to post something on this domain as we see fit. Thanks in advance for understanding.


The BloggingTech Team

Best school note-taking computers at different price points.

Let’s start of with, what I think the best option is. The Microsoft surface 3. Staples is offering, for $800, the device, pen, keyboard case, and dock. This, plus a mouse, keyboard and monitor makes the perfect kit. The surface, pen and type cover are perfect for in class, and when you get home, just pop it into the dock and you have a full blown system. It has enough power for anything but heavy gaming. Unfortunately, the promo is only available in staples. If that’s a problem, use the Microsoft Education Store.

Next on the list is the cheapest. A Chromebook. I’m actually writing this article from one right now! You can get one for about $180, and it even has two advantages over the surface. A full keyboard and more portage. Many models also have touchscreens AND google play support! So, if you have trouble with the all-online aspect of a Chromebook, there are plenty of productivity android apps. Plus you get the added benefits of the keyboard. Browse here

Now, many people want a gaming computer, but can’t afford one. If your parent, or someone else is buying the computer, and they are easily fooled, ask for this $800 gaming laptop. Unfortunatly, the battery life ain’t great, but should be just enough to squeeze through the day. Courtesy to LinusTechTips. Buy here

And that concludes this article! Email me at with any questions, I’d be happy to help!


How to install Poke ++ on ios and moderator entry

Hello, and welcome to the first post in quite a long time.

Today we will be covering how to install poke++ , one of the best pokemon go hack clients, onto ios. You need a pc to do this, but if you are using android, you can just install the apk.

  1. Plug iPhone into computer with your lightning cable.connect-with-pc-mac-iphone-2
  2. Trust the computer. Making sure iTunes is installed onto the computer, on the iphone, a dialog box should pp up. Click trust.
  3. Download this file pack. All software, except the ipa (the actual hacked game file) was created by  My package here.
  4. Now run ImpactorCapture
  5. Drag and Drop Pokemon GO++ into the impactor windows, and click start.
  6. IN a few minutes, pokemon go ++ will be installed. Before you launch, do the following: on the ios device, navigate to Settings/General/ Profiles and DeviceManagement/Your Email address, and select trust.IMG_0444[1]Ok, now your finished.

So, in other new, I need a moderator to go through comments. Comment on this post to apply, Saying “I would like to be a moderator”. Make sure to leave your email.

Windows XP Replacement 2.0

One of the blogs most popular posts was about Zorin OS, a linux distro designed to transition users away from windows. With the new version, I am releasing  a new article.

  1. Download Zorin OS here
  2. Put Zorin OS onto a flash drive. Use this tool
  3. Fill out the following
  4. Capture
  5. Plug usb drive into the computer you want to install Zorin onto, and boot from it. Most computers have a function key you need to press. If you don’t know it, search the following : Boot Device selection key for YOUR COMPUTER/MOTHERBOARD HERE
  6. Then follow the graphical installation. Its very easy, and when you are done, you will have Zorin OS completely set up.
  7. You may want to use the Zorin theme  changer and browser selector to customize your system. Other than they, you are done. Zorin can run both Ubuntu and Windows applications, thanks to the Wine compatability layer.

The Insignia $10 Keyboard and mouse kit

One of my favorite tech accessories is  the insignia keyboard and mouse kit. You can find them for anywhere between 10 and 15 dollars, and it is pretty good for the price.

The mouse is nothing spectacular. It does have a pretty ergonomic design, and has good tracking, however, the actual mouse buttons have very little travel.

The keyboard, however is amazing. It has great key travel, and the special buttons (volume, pause, play, sleep, etc.) are seperate from the function keys, which I find very useful. It is not mechanical, however, it has individual rubber domes beneath each key, instead of a single membrane, which you find on most cheap keyboards.

So what is the insignia kit? It is not for gaming, that’s for sure. However, it is a big step up from what comes with a computer.

Base Model Surface 3. The Good, The Bad, and The Laggy

I recently purchased the cheapest Surface 3, as well as a pen (the non-pro model does not come with one) and the keyboard case. Let’s review.

The cheapest Surface has 64GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, and, at its heart, an Intel atom x7, clocked at 1.6 GHZ. I have tried overclocking, and there are really no good tools for this exact model. However, the Pro models have Intel core Ix’s which are very popular, and overclockable. Even if I could overclock, however, I would not, and I will get into why later.

First the pen. Writing is great. Palm-Block, which allows you to write with your palm on the screen, works very well. Also, although it does not have the full ajustability as the Pro model does, the 3rd position, which leaves the tablet almost flat, works great for drawing (more on that in a moment) and writing. However, one major problem are the buttons. The top button, which opens Onenote is the most used. On the pro model, you can chose which version of Onenote you want to use. However, you are limited to the metro app on this version. I fixed this by writing my own AutoHotkey script, which you can download here, as well as AHK itself, which you can download here. Just run the script, which I have compiled into an executable, and you should be good to go. As I can not use AHK to open screen clip in Onenote desktop, I have double button press set to open your web browser.

Art is great on the surface, if not quite as good as devices using Wacom; you can draw pretty well. If that’s your thing, installed on the surface is an application called FreshPaint. It really seems pretty good.

Now, on to specs. The only graphics hardware is Intel integrated HD graphics, which runs off the Atom processor. This is fine for normal use, and even light gaming like Simcity and Minecraft WIndows 10 Edition. However this, coupled with the relativly weak processor and lack of RAM, means that you can’t do serious gaming, or even run full Minecraft without all settings on minimum. You can forget about major titles like GTA V and Fallout 4,  especially with only 64 gigs of storage. However, retro versions of these games are fine, such as Fallout 2 and GTA Vice City. However, if you pay an extra $100, you can get the better Surface 3, with double ram, storage, etc, which should allow you a bit more freedom.

The surface relies on the case and air to cool itself. This can cause some pretty major thermal throttling. It isn’t to slow, but the surface really works far better in a cool environment then a hot one. This also means the overclocking is virtually useless.

Something the Surface really is good at,  as Microsoft has extensively advertised, is transitioning between being a laptop and a tablet. Disconnect the keyboard, and enable tablet mode, which is just a swipe away in the action center, and you have a pretty good tablet, with a moderate app selection in the Windows Store.

So, what is the bare cheapest Surface good at? Well, for a student, it is great for writing, and a bit of online research.  It is moderately good at art, and good at being a tablet. However, it is not a very powerful laptop.  I think the best option is to pay $200 more and get double storage and RAM, as well as a SIM card slot.


What makes a computer a gaming computer?

What makes a computer  gaming worthy? This may be off topic from the normal topics, but we believe these needs to be put out there. While every computer can game technically some computers can game better than others there are many factors why this is true and I will first start by listing the components of the computer.

CPU: Central Processing Unit, every computer has at least one of these and it is the main workhorse of the computer. It does all the hard work and whenever you type a document or go on a website you should thank the CPU.

RAM: Random Access Memory, this is an over thought too many people and for others they believe the more the merrier. Despite common belief you don’t need infinite RAM, a good common and plentiful amount of RAM is 8GB. Any less and chances are you will suffer when you start to do multitasking or use any taxing software like a video editor. Ram is a fast cache for the computer and when you open a program the program will put some data on the RAM. RAM is deleted when there is no power to the computer or device.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit, this is where all the gaming happens, when you game or use any graphically intensive software you will be taxing the GPU. Not all computers have a dedicated GPU some have something called an APU.*

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)/SSD (Solid State Drive)/SSHD [Hybrid drive](Solid State Hard Drive): This is where all your programs and your operating system are stored. Unlike RAM this is not deleted when you turn off the computer and there are many different variants of this.  The old reliable HDD or the Hard Disk Drive is a physical spinning platter with a head running over the platter to store information, the HDD is slow but comes in large capacities up to 8tb at the making of the blog. The SSD or the Solid State Drive is a newer technology that stores all the information on chips on a PCB, this storage variant is fast the most expansive and it doesn’t come in large capacities, as of the making of this blog the max available is 2.84 TB. Lastly the SSHD or the Solid State Hard Drive or even called the Hybrid drive is a combination of both. Many have 8 GB of Solid State Drive and 1-3Tb of Hard Disk Drive. This uses the SSD storage as a cache that will hold  the current, most used information and store the larger not as commonly accessed information in the Hard Drive platter. The SSD come in 3 types the SATA interface, the M-SATA interface and the PCIE interface; while they are different the description applies to all of these variants.

Motherboard: This is the body of the computer everything is accessed through the motherboard the CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage and even the power supply are all accessed through the motherboard. The motherboard has little to no processing power inside of it, but is still the body of the computer.

Power Supply: This is the part of the compute that powers the whole system. Not much else to say.

Case: All the components are stored inside the case and can also come in the form as a shell for a laptop.

To classify a computer as a truly gaming computer it must have dedicated graphics and should contain an SSD with a combination of an HDD, while these are not necessary it will be a struggle to do any gaming without these components.

*APU: All Processing Unit takes the place of a separate CPU and GPU and does all the hard work by itself. Don’t ever game with one of these or with integrated graphics it is just not worth it.

Install Windows XP in virtualbox

This guide will teach you to install windows xp to a virtual machine. This is free, now that XP is in the public domain.

  1. Download go. here. Install the 64bit version. Download site
  2. Download virtualbox here
  3. Inside the download folder, there will be two files. The product key, and the iso file. Print out or note down the key, you will need it later.
  4. Shut down your computer, than pause startup. This is usually escape, F2, or delete. If you don’t know your key to pause startup, google it.
  5. In bios settings, enable virtualization. Then restart.
  6. Boot virtual box. Create a new machine. Click next. Allocate 2GB of random access memory.Capture
  7. On the next step create your virtual disk. Follow on screen instructions. Remember to make it a fixed drive.  Make it between 5-25 GB. Click create. This will take a while. Go to settings, click system, and select your CPU. The default will work. Do NOT use all your cores
  8.  Go to storage. Click optical drive, and under the folder, choose the ISO you downloaded.
  9. Close settings, and start the machine.
  10. When you see this screen, press enter.Click your partiton
  11. On the next screen, press F*
  12. Press enter on the unpartitioned space, and select the default (NTFS)
  13. Wait a few minutes while XP installs.
  14. Visual setup will start. Feel the power of ancient technology. Then wait about 30 minutes.
  15. fill out any forms you are asked to. You can leave “Orginization” blank. However, we did not.
  16. Type in the product key you copied down earlier.Product Key
  17. Put in your time zone, time, and date.
  18. Click typical, and on the next screen, select no.
  19. Keep in mind that 64 bit XP is designed for business, however, you should be fine.
  20. When it reboots, log in. I recommended downloading a new web browser