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Best school note-taking computers at different price points.

Let’s start of with, what I think the best option is. The Microsoft surface 3. Staples is offering, for $800, the device, pen, keyboard case, and dock. This, plus a mouse, keyboard and monitor makes the perfect kit. The surface, pen and type cover are perfect for in class, and when you get home, just pop it into the dock and you have a full blown system. It has enough power for anything but heavy gaming. Unfortunately, the promo is only available in staples. If that’s a problem, use the Microsoft Education Store.

Next on the list is the cheapest. A Chromebook. I’m actually writing this article from one right now! You can get one for about $180, and it even has two advantages over the surface. A full keyboard and more portage. Many models also have touchscreens AND google play support! So, if you have trouble with the all-online aspect of a Chromebook, there are plenty of productivity android apps. Plus you get the added benefits of the keyboard. Browse here

Now, many people want a gaming computer, but can’t afford one. If your parent, or someone else is buying the computer, and they are easily fooled, ask for this $800 gaming laptop. Unfortunatly, the battery life ain’t great, but should be just enough to squeeze through the day. Courtesy to LinusTechTips. Buy here

And that concludes this article! Email me at with any questions, I’d be happy to help!


How to install Poke ++ on ios and moderator entry

Hello, and welcome to the first post in quite a long time.

Today we will be covering how to install poke++ , one of the best pokemon go hack clients, onto ios. You need a pc to do this, but if you are using android, you can just install the apk.

  1. Plug iPhone into computer with your lightning cable.connect-with-pc-mac-iphone-2
  2. Trust the computer. Making sure iTunes is installed onto the computer, on the iphone, a dialog box should pp up. Click trust.
  3. Download this file pack. All software, except the ipa (the actual hacked game file) was created by  My package here.
  4. Now run ImpactorCapture
  5. Drag and Drop Pokemon GO++ into the impactor windows, and click start.
  6. IN a few minutes, pokemon go ++ will be installed. Before you launch, do the following: on the ios device, navigate to Settings/General/ Profiles and DeviceManagement/Your Email address, and select trust.IMG_0444[1]Ok, now your finished.

So, in other new, I need a moderator to go through comments. Comment on this post to apply, Saying “I would like to be a moderator”. Make sure to leave your email.