Monthly Archives: July 2016

Windows XP Replacement 2.0

One of the blogs most popular posts was about Zorin OS, a linux distro designed to transition users away from windows. With the new version, I am releasing  a new article.

  1. Download Zorin OS here
  2. Put Zorin OS onto a flash drive. Use this tool
  3. Fill out the following
  4. Capture
  5. Plug usb drive into the computer you want to install Zorin onto, and boot from it. Most computers have a function key you need to press. If you don’t know it, search the following : Boot Device selection key for YOUR COMPUTER/MOTHERBOARD HERE
  6. Then follow the graphical installation. Its very easy, and when you are done, you will have Zorin OS completely set up.
  7. You may want to use the Zorin theme  changer and browser selector to customize your system. Other than they, you are done. Zorin can run both Ubuntu and Windows applications, thanks to the Wine compatability layer.

The Insignia $10 Keyboard and mouse kit

One of my favorite tech accessories is  the insignia keyboard and mouse kit. You can find them for anywhere between 10 and 15 dollars, and it is pretty good for the price.

The mouse is nothing spectacular. It does have a pretty ergonomic design, and has good tracking, however, the actual mouse buttons have very little travel.

The keyboard, however is amazing. It has great key travel, and the special buttons (volume, pause, play, sleep, etc.) are seperate from the function keys, which I find very useful. It is not mechanical, however, it has individual rubber domes beneath each key, instead of a single membrane, which you find on most cheap keyboards.

So what is the insignia kit? It is not for gaming, that’s for sure. However, it is a big step up from what comes with a computer.