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Install Windows XP in virtualbox

This guide will teach you to install windows xp to a virtual machine. This is free, now that XP is in the public domain.

  1. Download go. here. Install the 64bit version. Download site
  2. Download virtualbox here
  3. Inside the download folder, there will be two files. The product key, and the iso file. Print out or note down the key, you will need it later.
  4. Shut down your computer, than pause startup. This is usually escape, F2, or delete. If you don’t know your key to pause startup, google it.
  5. In bios settings, enable virtualization. Then restart.
  6. Boot virtual box. Create a new machine. Click next. Allocate 2GB of random access memory.Capture
  7. On the next step create your virtual disk. Follow on screen instructions. Remember to make it a fixed drive.  Make it between 5-25 GB. Click create. This will take a while. Go to settings, click system, and select your CPU. The default will work. Do NOT use all your cores
  8.  Go to storage. Click optical drive, and under the folder, choose the ISO you downloaded.
  9. Close settings, and start the machine.
  10. When you see this screen, press enter.Click your partiton
  11. On the next screen, press F*
  12. Press enter on the unpartitioned space, and select the default (NTFS)
  13. Wait a few minutes while XP installs.
  14. Visual setup will start. Feel the power of ancient technology. Then wait about 30 minutes.
  15. fill out any forms you are asked to. You can leave “Orginization” blank. However, we did not.
  16. Type in the product key you copied down earlier.Product Key
  17. Put in your time zone, time, and date.
  18. Click typical, and on the next screen, select no.
  19. Keep in mind that 64 bit XP is designed for business, however, you should be fine.
  20. When it reboots, log in. I recommended downloading a new web browser