Android x86

Are you an android user? Or maybe an apple user? If you use apple… just get out of this article. This guide is about running android on a computer (if you are an apple user still reading, it does not work on mac, although there are ways to make it work)

The firsts step is to download the iso file by clicking here and selecting View on the newest version. Then wait for the download to complete.

The second step is to “burn” the iso to a flash drive. Note that this is not necessary for installing to a virtual machine… more on that later. So, download uui, unless you already have it. Download



No installation is needed. Simply run UUI and accept the security warning.

Click I agree on the next screen. Then, fill out the boxes as shown below.

apture 2

Click create, and wait for the process to complete.

Then boot from the usb. To do this see any installation article, such as this one.

However, when greated with the below screen, select the first option. An installation article will come out tommorow.



Then simply wait  few moments. It may seem as if you must type something, or that something has gone wrong, simply wait after a while, the below will