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The kindle fire AKA tate

The kindle fire, known to developers as Tate, has gone a long way. There are two main versions. The old, and the new. The old run a specialised version of android gingerbread, but with some work, normal android can be installed. Will right how to do that on request. The new version runs a different android version and is more locked down. The kindle fire is actually a pretty nice tablet. The new on  is basically only good for Amazon things, but the old is quite versatile. This is more of something with the OS, with android installed, it can b  made a normal android tablet. However, it can be made very good with a few simple steps, which I will also tell, upon request in the comments. The main point about the kindle fire is price. The HD version, which is pretty much a must to get, is only about 100 dollars. In fact, I am writing this article on my kindle.