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Windows 8 discussion

This will be the first discussion. In a discussion, we will not be discussing how to do something, instead, we will discuss a topic. Today, we will discuss windows 8. Many people hate windows 8, because of the huge learning curve. However, there were many amazing things about it.


Windows 8 was faster. To improve boot-uptime, something called fastboot was implimented. Some processes remain running when you shut your pc down. This means less things will have to be re-launched.


Although many things, like the start screen, or “wallstreet” as some call it, are bad for a pc with a mouse and keyboard, they are amazing with a touchscreen. If you have used windows 8 on a surface, it is a completely different and amazing experience. Windows 8 is truly, at base, a touchscreen os. Infact, when using windows 10 on a touchscreen, a much improved version of windows 8, which the first two posts are about, the start screen is still used. But when you connect a mouse and keyboard, it uses a start menu.


Live tiles, the buttons on the windows 8 start screen, are still used partially in the windows 10 start menu.  See screenshots of it here. Also, the earlier discussed fastboot may e re-implimented. Now here is the biggest innovation: Project Spartan.  Internet explorer has long been disliked because of its speed and security. However, spartan completely re-invents ie (internet explorer). Infact it may be renamed its own browser. Unfortunatly, it is not implimented in windows 8, but the base is there, and much of the code is the same as spartin in windows 10.