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Install windows xp in virtualbox

Windows XP was one of the most ease of use and popular windows versions ever. For a walk down memory lane, or whatever other reason you came to this article, here is how to install it to a virtual machine.

Follow my instructions from “how to install linux to a virtual machine” to create a blank windows xp virtual machine.

Then run the machine and install the os.

Once setup is complete, you are free to do whatever you want. Internet shoud work, as long as the host is working.

Linux For Beginners

Elementary OS is a linux distro for beginners. It has a mac doc, and a menu called slingshot slightly like the start menu. It has the ubuntu software center, which is one of the largest linux app stores there is.

1. The first step is the same as always. Download the operating system for free here. There will be a price box, but that is for donations. Just chose $0.00 I recommend watching the trailer, it is quite nice.

2. Burn to boot media. Skip this step if you are installing to a virtual machine. If you have read one of my linux install articles, you know this step. Either insert a CD-ROM. Either right-click the downloaded file and click burn. Or, if you wish to use usb, just download the usb installer here.

3. Boot from the usb by pressing a certain key at boot. Simply google “what to press a boot for boot selection on  ________ computer” Skip if installing to a vm.

4. This step is only for vms. Create a virtual machine, and run it. Check one of my older articles for instruction on this. Note that since elementary os isn’t in the list, just select ubuntu, as they are very similar.

5.  Use the arrow keys to select an option. Select install and complete the installation process. This may take a few minutes.


How to reset a windows 8 or 8.1 machine to factory defaults

As the internet expands, more viruses, malware, and bloware exist. Because of this, Microsoft has made it very easy to reset your machine. This guide is a basic one. If anyone has a computer that can’t boot, or is to slow to use this method, just request and I will show you another method that will work in this situation.

1. Decide whether you want to do a refresh or reset. A refresh will leave your files and programs installed from the windows store. A reset will remove everything except the operating system. This is best if you have a virus, as these may hide as a file.

2. Back up your files. I recommend using mega, because it gives 50GB free, and is fairly secure. You can signup here

3. Find your product key. This is nessecary only if you built your own pc. If you bought your pc from a major company, this is unnecesary. Download magic jellybean keyfinder, and run it to find your product key.

4. Key your microsoft office product key. This is neccesary only for office 2007 or 2010. Use magic jelly bean keyfinder to find this.

5. Start the reset or refresh. to do this, go to pc settings. To do this, access the charms bar, click settings, then click change pc settings” at the bottom.

6. Go to update and recovery, then click recovery, and then select reset or refresh.

7. Once reset is finished, it’s time to re-install programs and files.

8. Go to mega, and download your files.

9. Re-install microsoft office. If you have a disk, just put it in and run it. If not, go here for office 2007, or go to the microsoft store for office 2010. Just fill out the forms (you will need a product key)

10. Congratulations, your done! Re-install your other programs. I reccomend using ninvente, because it will let you download lots of commenly used programs all at once.