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Outfitting Your Chromebook

Once you have bought and installed ubuntu on your chromebook (go here for my article on doing that) you need to outfit it. Here we will install virtualbox (my favorite virtual machine manager), steam ( a gaming platform) and microsoft office.

1 Go into ubuntu. If it is running, press CTRL+ALT+->+refresh. If it is not running, go into terminal(CTRL+ALT+T) and type in shell. Then type in “sudo startunity”

2. You will first need a web browser. Go into xterm and type in

sudo apt-get install software-center

NOTE  When prompted for password, type the password you chose, then press enter. It will look like nothing is happening,but it is just because it does not want to show your password.

Then, search for a browser you want. Chrome and firefox are popular, but internet explorer is not available.

2.Install virtualbox. Go here and chose the 12.10 version, unless you have updated.

3. Install steam. Go here to download it. Then, right click it and select “openwith Gdebi package installer”

4. Install microsoft office. First, install wine for microsoft office from the ubuntu software center. Then, download office 2007 here. Fill out the form, and download and run with wine program installer. Once finished installing, shut down ubuntu, wait for it to unmount, then restart ubuntu again.

Congratulations, you now have a full fledged workstation! If you have any problems, please comment down below.

How to Set Up a Cheap, High Powered Computer.

Chromebooks are cheap, high powered computers. The only drawback is the OS, chrome os. It is a cloud based operating system, great for web browsing. It has plenty o web apps, which let you do almost anything you would need to do. However, for offline use, it is hard to do anything. So, I will show you how to install ubuntu, a full fledged desktop operating system, on a chromebook. However, this is not as easy as plugging in a usb flash drive and installing the os. To do this, you would have to enable the legacy bios. This is possible, and if anybody asks for it I will post it. For this, we will use a tool called crouton. A shout out to the opensource gangster,

1. The first step is to enable developer mode. This will erase all local data, but all online apps will be re installed. This varies by device, and I will show you a way that works on most models. However, if this does not work, find specific instructions for your device, or ask in the comments.

A. Hold down ESC, F3 (refres button on some models)  and tap the power button

B.  When a screen with a red exclamation point pops up, press CTRL+D. This                                screen will pop up every time you boot. Press enter on the next screen.

C. Wait 30 seconds, and the screen with the red exclamation mark will pop up                             again. Wait 30 seconds, then the process should begin. It will take anwhere                                 between 10 and 30 minutes.

2. Re-setup your chromebook. Then, download crouton here.

3. Open the terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T. Then type in “shell”.

4. Decide what version of ubuntu you will be using. The standard is unity. To install unity, type sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t unity Then press enter.

5.Ubuntu will install. When it is finished, type in sudo startunity to start ubuntu. When ubuntu is running, press CTRL+ ALT+ -> + refresh to go into ubuntu and CTRL+ALT+ <- to go back.

Help! Windows XP is out of date and I don’t have enough money to upgrade!

Don’t worry. There is a free solution, like windows. It is a version of linux similar to windows.  Most windows programs can run, using wine (for more on wine, visit

1. Backup your files. I recommend MEGA ( it is secure and has 50GB free storage.

2. Download Zorin. go to: If you are on old hardware (2005 or earlier) download lite. If on newer hardware, download the core version. Not sure if your computer is 32 or 64 bit? Go to It will automatically tell you.

32 or 64bit

3. Burn to a disc or usb drive. To do this download ultra iso trial version   then put a blank cd-rom of 1.4 GB or more into your disk drive. This can by purchased at Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc. To burn to a flash drive, download universal usb installer at Then, use below settings.

pen drive linux

4. Turn of your computer.  At first boot, there should be something saying to press a key for a boot menu or similar. Press this key. If you are booting from a disk, select “boot from CD-ROM drive” with your arrow keys. Hit enter. If you are booting from a flash drive, select “USB flash drive”, and then hit enter.

5. Select your language with the arrow keys, then press enter.

6. Select “try Zorin OS without installing” and press enter. Then try out the OS. The OS is made to be like windows, so when trying to find something, think about what you would do in windows. It will run slowly, however, this is because it is running from the flash drive. It will be quicker when installed.

7. When satisfied, click the install link on the desktop. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Only select “run along side windows if you have a fast computer.